AceSoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software suite

AceSoft is a modular based software suite for structural steel companies. Experience combined with our modern and new company is the key to the success of our innovative software. We provide the next generation software for structural steel companies: new technology and a pre-setup system help our customers to start quickly.

The modular structure offers a great advantage; it is not necessary to use the whole ERP or MRP-suite at once. An organization can perfectly start with one of our bundles or modules and expand gradually. In this way the investment can be spread over several year and the software can grow with the demands of the company.

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What does ERP Software suite do?

Our software solutions can be divided into two areas: ERP and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) software:

AceSoft ERP suite

AceSoft’s ERP software solution focuses on the control of all resources in a company. Not only financial resources are monitored, but also human resources, material resources, machine resources, facility resources, etc. This in order to provide all necessary information not only to manage the daily business, but also to forecast upcoming short and long time trends. For maximizing the efficiency of all the processes AceSoft gives you a tool to learn from the past and use this to improve the future of your company.

Functionalities within AceSoft ERP suite:

  • Cost estimation
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • CRM
  • HRM
  • Budget control
  • Accountancy
  • Business administration
  • Time control

AceSoft MRP suite

AceSoft MRP software suite is a software solution for Flexible Production Automation (FPA). AceSoft MRP is taking care of job preparation, material nesting (bar and plate nesting), CAD/CAM links to CNC machines, post-processing, logistics, stock management, production time calculation, simulation of fabrication, track and trace / traceability, quality insurance, etc.

AceSoft ERP may use data from Tekla Structure or any other 3d detailing software which illuminates data manual labour and errors.

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